MongoDB 3.0 + WiredTiger storage engine on Mac OS X

I’ve recently bought a Macbook pro, and I’m pretty happy with my new machine. On the other hand, after being a Ubuntu guy for about a decade I have a lot of things to learn about how to make things run smoothly.

One of these new things was the automation of MongoDB as a service launched at the machine’s startup. Following this great article it’s been relatively easy to put everything in place.

Now, this is all great, but one of the best things the MongoDB 3.0 brings with it is the ability to plug in different storage engines.

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Zero to one – book review

Zero to one book cover

Peter Thiel is a remarkable person in the tech world: he was one of the founders of Paypal and Palantir, he made the first outside investment in Facebook, and he’s funded companies like LinkedIn and SpaceX. In a nutshell, someone who’s been actively influential on technology millions of people use every day.

With his book “Zero to one: notes on startups, or how to build the future” he takes you on a journey to understand the dynamics of a business model (the startup) which is becoming more and more effective into today’s economy, getting deep into how this kind of companies are (and have to be) strictly tight to the idea of innovation.

But what is innovation?


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Understanding the 4 rules of simple design – book review

Understanding the four rules of simple design - Book cover I’ve read Corey Haines‘ book on my kindle this summer, when on holiday, next to the swimming pool of the hotel we stayed at. Not sure if the relaxed context helped, but I found the book to be a very good one.

Given the title, you can expect the book to be pretty much accurate in its intentions: it goes through the “four rules of simple design” that Kent Beck stated in the late 90’s, trying to make them clear in their essence.

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My first week of remote work

I currently work for a team made of people all living in the same city, therefore it’s relatively easy to stick with the idea of working from the office all the time. Amsterdam makes things even easier, as it’s quite small, such as with up to 30 mins cycling you can get pretty much everywhere.

At the same time, this is 2014 and we want for ourselves the flexibility (and the ability) to work from anywhere in the world, given a good Internet connection and a few other requirements.

Having to possibility to do so, I’ve spent a week in my beloved Italy bringing my laptop with me, alongside the idea of giving remote work a good try.

Well, turns out that your laptop and a decent Internet connection are not the only necessary elements to effectively work remotely.

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L’ultimo post.. in italiano

Quando ho aperto questo blog, volevo creare una serie di risorse interessanti in italiano per sviluppatori e appassionati di IT. Nonostante questo sito non sia mai diventato particolarmente conosciuto, credo in parte di essere riuscito nel mio intento di condividere informazioni e idee.

Dopo aver postato per circa un anno e mezzo settimanalmente le traduzioni per la rubrica “Questa settimana in Grails“, quando l’originale “This week in Grails” è andata in pausa (poi rivelatasi definitiva) ho smesso di scrivere del tutto. Il che è un peccato, anche solo per il fatto che ho perso la buona abitudine di documentare le cose che imparo.

Per tale motivo, ho deciso di tornare a scrivere su questo blog, riprendendo dove ho lasciato e cercando di migliorare in termini di frequenza e, possibilmente, di qualità.

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